About Jennifer Knits

At Jennifer Knits it is our intention to always exceed your expectations!  We want you to feel inspired, creative, relaxed and like you are the most important knitter in the world.  We intend to give you unlimited friendly service with every purchase and will supply you with quality products and amazing patten ideas. 

Our staff is eager to answer all of your questions anytime during store hours at YOUR convenience and our help is ALWAYS complimentary with your purchase.  In addition to lots of knitting and pattern help, Jennifer will write you a customized pattern based on your ideas or a picture that you've brought in.  Jennifer has successfully written many patterns created originally by couture designers which helps you to stay with the current trends and gives you a great sense of satisfaction.  We encourage you to knit the way you want to!  In the colors you want, in the yarn you want, in the gauge you want and on the needle you want!  We adjust patterns for you and do not make you change for the patterns.  Meaning, we'll check your gauge and your measurements and help you make the project in whatever yarn you like, in your size with your specific gauge.

When you come to Jennifer Knits you'll be greeted by our friendly staff and a table full of patrons.  If you are new to Jennifer Knits please don't feel intimidated by the large gathering of knitters!  We are all one big happy family and we welcome you!  Out of state?  Want to touch the yarn?  No problem!  Give us a call and we'll make a care package in one of two ways.  For $30 you can have 15 yard samples of our top 12 fibers, for $50 we'll send you 15 yards each of our top 12 cashmeres or we can send you one of each of any yarns of your choice and bill you for them in house and then you can return those balls for your full project.

We look forward to getting your needles moving!