Jade Sapphire Sylph Linen Wrap Kit

58% Cashmere 42% Linen 309 yards Works on US #5 to 8 needle  Gauge approximately 20 to 24 stitches = 4"
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Easy to knit on US #7 or 8 needle using Jade Sapphire's Sylph. A yummy cashmere and linen blend which is hand-dyed in an enticing palette. Great in any color whether light or dark.  Our kit includes either 4 or 5 skeins of yarn, the pattern and unlimited Jennifer Knits instruction.  View color and size options below.   The is an over sized garment!   Original size is a finished 68" chest and 21" long (so it hangs long on the sides) and looks great on clients 36 to 44" bust.  Uses four skeins.  Large size is 1" wider and 3" longer for busts 45" or more and uses five skeins,

Pick Your Color

  • Breath
    Breath S6
  • Breeze
    Breeze S3
  • Coriolis
    Coriolis S17
  • Eucalyptus
    Eucalyptus S23
  • Flutter
    Flutter S7
  • Haboob
    Haboob S13
  • Jet Stream
    Jet Stream S18
  • Lavender
    Lavender S22
  • Mariah
    Mariah S20
  • Monsoon
    Monsoon S14
  • Pink Gingham
    Pink Gingham S21
  • Puff
    Puff S1
  • Purple Wind
    Purple Wind S12
  • Rain Shadow
    Rain Shadow S15
  • Ruffle
    Ruffle S10
  • Rustle
    Rustle S5
  • Vortex
    Vortex S19
  • Waft
    Waft S9
  • Wisp
    Wisp S2
  • Ylang Ylang
    Ylang Ylang S24
  • Zephyr
    Zephyr S11